“Right Now”

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I have written recently about my thoughts on capturing today’s moments and what they mean to you. Everyone has their own stories and their own feelings of family and relationships. I posed the following question to a friend and client before her family’s portrait session. “What does ‘right now’ mean to you and your family?” If you don’t mind, I would like to share her response as I feel it can relate to many of us.

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Foto Friday – Garrison the Aviator

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This week’s Foto Friday post is an image of Garrison from a few years ago. He LOVED the planes! Plus those shades and jacket just made for a perfect aviator look, along with that serious, confident expression! One of my favs.

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New Fine Art Black and White Family Sessions Now Available!

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We are very excited to now offer Fine Art Black and White Family Sessions! These sessions clear away everything except what is most important. You and your family, and the relationship you have. All captured through an artist’s eyes. This wonderful experience will allow you to connect and capture the love you have for one another.

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Tech Tips for Better Pics: ISO

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So, you have trouble with blurry pictures and aren’t sure why. Or maybe you get really nice pictures sometimes, but really grainy pictures other times. Why is that? Well, it is all based on how your camera chooses to handle different lighting conditions.

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“We are all so busy..”

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The hustle and bustle. The daily grind. Shuffling here and there. We all do it and it never feels like we have any substantial free time to do what we enjoy. It has become the necessary evil that gets us through life. Yet, hopefully, we have people in this life for whom we do those things. Whether it is working to support the family even though you have a cold and don’t feel well, or taking your daughter to dance class on a cold and rainy evening, it is important. Tomorrow, we will get up and do it all over again, but what happens to today? Will you remember that flash of excitement in your little girls eyes when she runs into the dance studio? It happens most days, so what makes today so special?

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My recent (not so) artistic path and what it’s taught me

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Then life happens. Personal struggles happen that you weren’t expecting. I suddenly found myself with a very different outlook and it showed in my art, both positively and negatively. Ironically, through those struggles, I feel as though I grew as an artist and produced some of my favorite images to that point. It was more about my emotions showing through into my portraits of others. Despite that, I needed a break. I was feeling overwhelmed, and needed something else to help recharge me.

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