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Painting with Light – Becoming an Artist

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The very origins of the word photography mean (roughly) ‘painting with light’. There are many forms of photography, and not all are considered art. Using a paint brush to paint a wall in my home doesn’t mean it is art, but I can use that same paint brush to create something with passion and make art out of it. Tools don’t make art; people do.

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Creative Block? It’s okay

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So you’ve hit a block. Your creativity has ceased to exist and you keep trying to get it back. The ‘trying to get it back’ part is the problem. Your brain is a complex beast, and the creative juices only flow when it feels other ‘more important’ things have been taken care of. Stress is a common killer of creativity. When you are stressed about something, even if it is stress over not being creative, your brain tries to find a logical solution to the problem. That constant switching to ‘logical’ causes the wrong side of the brain to take control.

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Art Style Sessions

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“The Balancing Act” – 5 steps to reaching your creative goals

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What are you passionate about? Where do you find your inspiration? Where does that fit into your current life? These are all questions you may or may not be asking your self, but chances are you do have something you feel you would love to spend your time doing. Maybe it’s just a relaxing hobby, or maybe it’s something more. Something that drives you to constantly learn and get better. Even the learning part gets you excited.

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Williams Photography

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