“Right Now”

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I have written recently about my thoughts on capturing today’s moments and what they mean to you.  Everyone has their own stories and their own feelings of family and relationships. I posed the following question to a friend and client before her family’s portrait session.  “What does ‘right now’ mean to you and your family?”  If you don’t mind, I would like to share her response as I feel it can relate to many of us.

“Our family has been through quite a few major changes over the past few years, but the last 365 days alone have taught us a lifetime full of lessons. We have learned to work together more closely as a team, share our responsibilities and to make the most of every moment we have together. With our new found respect of how fragile and temporary life is, our “right now” means more than it ever did before. Because of our opposing work and school schedules, the time we spend together as a family is more valued and special. The three of us have a very fun relationship filled with games, laughter, cuddles, pinky swears and prayers. Right now we’re the happiest we have ever been because we’ve been through so much together as a family. We wouldn’t trade each other for the world, right now or ever.”

~Ardee, 3/10/2013

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