Why Invest in Professional Portraiture?

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In today’s world of amazing camera phones, social media, and discount stores, pictures are everywhere and everyone can make them.  I post pictures to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram almost daily, and I love to look at what pictures friends have shared with me.   However, it is easy to overlook to the differences between pictures and portraits, and the value portraits have for you and your family.  It is often difficult to explain why our portrait prints are priced higher than the discount stores where anyone can have a pictures printed for under $2.  Somewhere along the way, the ‘craft’ and ‘art’ of becoming a photographer was lost by many and equipment availability became the only criteria.

Pictures verses Portraits?

Pictures are something you should take daily.  They make you smile or laugh.  Anyone is capable of taking a great picture whether they use a camera phone or a fancy camera.   A fine art portrait will capture much more than a fleeting moment.  It captures part of you.  It is a lasting memory of loved ones.  Something you want to look at over and over and becomes more valuable to you over time.  It captures the milestones in a lifetime of growth.  Quite simply, it provides cherished heirlooms for you, your children and grandchildren.

Creating Art Portraits

So what do you need to create such an art piece? Passion, dedication, technical knowledge, creativity and experience.  When you invest in fine art portraiture, you are not simply purchasing ink on a piece of paper.  It has value to you and it takes skill on the part of the photographer to create it.  You are investing in what it represents.  It is this passion for photography that we hold, and the vision that our clients share.

A finished quality portrait is not something that is produced quickly.  It takes training and discipline in the arts.  Understanding and controlling light and capturing emotion.  Craftsmanship and vision to produce a final canvas or framed art piece that you love to view each day.  Professionalism to help guide you through the entire process from the initial consultation to hanging the finished portraits on your wall.  This is the value you receive by choosing Williams Photography and becoming part of our family.