Why Size Matters – Planning For Your Artwork

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Scheduling your portrait session is only the one step in a quality portrait experience.  In the end, you need to have a finished product that you love.  First of all, this is NOT a guide to purchasing the biggest and most expensive print available!  It is about how to choose the RIGHT product for your home or office space.  After all, these custom images you are investing in represent your most prized possesions in life: your family.  You need to be satisfied with the ‘look’.  Without proper planning, you may encounter several common problems.

Too BIG!

Your image or grouping may simply be too large for the space you have chosen.  Maybe you love that 40″ x 60″ canvas, but it is going in a breakfast nook that is only 45″ wide.  How do you know if that will look ‘awesome’ or ‘out of place’?  I’ll get to that later.Room4-2Room4-1Room4

Too Small!

Unfortunately, this one is very common and usually revolves around budgets.  Suppose we have shown you a beautiful portrait of your children and you have the perfect place picked out above the sofa.  You know for something like this, just getting 5″x7″ prints isn’t going to work, so you want that large 8″x10″ print.  At this point, you probably know you likely won’t be happy with it.  So, what is the solution?  What size does it need to be?  What other options are there?


Finding a Solution – Let Us Help!

Williams Photography prides itself on offering many services to our clients.  We want to do more than just take a picture and sell you a print.  We want you to be thrilled with your experience and love the results.  That starts with determining what style of photography and finished artwork will best suit your needs.  We prefer to meet with you before your session, and we ask that you look through your home or office to determine possible locations for your finished artwork.  Please take measurements and bring them with you or email us.  If possible, please take a picture of the wall area from straight on and as far back as possible.  You can also email that to us ahead of time.  With a picture of your available spaces, we can show you what your finished images will look like on your wall with different sizes and groupings, even different frames!  If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, we would also be happy to come to you and look at the areas with you before you purchase any products.

With this information in hand, your selection process becomes much simpler.  Once you have seen your images and have made the decision to add these images to your home, we will help you through the process of selecting the correct sizes for your location.  There are usually multiple options for displaying your images that fit into a range of budgets.