Print Competition

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Just got back from the judging for the KPPA Fall Print Competition. I am pleased with how I did. Before I give the results, I will explain the competition format.

You can submit up to 4 images for judging. The images must be 16″x20″ and mounted on a hard backing. No frames allowed.

As each image is judged, the judges vote electronically by a number system. The goal for most is to score an 80 or above. An 80-100 is considered a ‘Merit’ print. Let’s just say it is quite difficult to score an 80 ;) . There are 12 guidelines for the scoring, and the judges will actually debate each other on the scores of a particular print.

For this competition, they gave awards for the top three highest scoring print portfolios (your combined total of all four prints).

Now for how I did. Well….. I got second place with an average score of 81 for all four prints! I also had the highest scoring individual print with an 85. I was very excited.

The critique process during the judging is very educational and will help prepare me for KPPA’s big annual print competition in January. That will be a much more difficult competition as there will be MANY more prints entered from higher caliber photographers. Hopefully I can get a couple of merit prints from that, and prepare for next year’s PPA International Competition. ‘Merit’ prints at the PPA competition earn an official ‘Merit’ that goes toward the completion of the Masters Degree. 25 national merits are required for the degree. 13 have to be from merit prints in competition at the International Competition. The other 12 merits can come from either competition or from educational workshops (like the one I am now attending). I have currently earned two educational merits toward my Masters Degree.

Ok, off to bed. It’s been a long day, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Ralph Romaguera will be the speaker.