"G.I.V.E" by Sandy Puc’

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Today was the first day of the KPPA Fall Conference in Louisville, KY. The speaker was Sandy Puc’, and all I can say is ‘WOW’. She is awesome. She is an extremely successful photographer from Littleton, CO (like $1.6 Million annual gross kind of successful). A very emotional speaker that opened up to share her thoughts and techniques with us.

The print competition is later tonight, and will be judged according to PPA rules by a panel of 6 judges, all of which have their Master Photographer degree from PPA. Some are previous judges at the PPA Annual International Print Competition (which I plan to enter next year)

Several notables in attendance so far. I have met or seen:
-Sandy Puc’(today’s speaker)
-David Ziser (internationally known wedding photographer)
-Tim & Beverly Walden (award winning portrait photographers)
-Dave Huntsman (Tuesday’s speaker)
-Jessica Vogel (Tuesday’s speaker)
-Ralph Romaguera (from New Orleans) (Monday’s speaker)
-Several PPA Masters and Craftsman Degree holders